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Some extensions can overwrite partner links and assign the entire cacheback. In particular, we found such extensions: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, as well as VPN/Proxy/Socks extensions and others. If possible, disable all third-party extensions in the browser from which you make purchases with a cashback.

Aliexpress is now known in 99% of families, because a Sunday trip to the market can be replaced by a virtual walk through a huge online store, where you can choose a thing for every taste and purse. The opportunity to purchase goods at a low price, a huge choice, inexpensive (or free) delivery and guaranteed protection of the buyer - these are the main positions by which millions of consumers choose Aliexpress and best cash back in our site.

In fact, Aliexpress is a large Internet market where sellers can sell their goods without intermediaries, and therefore without additional margins. The activity of Aliexpress is focused on satisfying the demand of people from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet, the offered goods are sold at retail or in small wholesale, which is very convenient.

Not only ordinary townsfolk, but also small entrepreneurs, are able to purchase goods at favorable prices to fill their own shops, for example, with goods for needlework. Each buyer has a chance to find the necessary thing with the help of a search engine. The more accurately the query is formed, the more likely and quicker it will be to find the necessary one.

The range of Aliexpress has everything from tea to the technology of famous brands. The vast majority of goods are duplicated from different vendors with minimal differences. The online store provides a convenient system for sorting goods by various indicators, which helps to quickly find the right thing.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the availability of a huge selection of electronic devices for the manufacture of which Chinese manufacturers skillfully copy Western advanced technologies and sell under their own brands. The quality of Chinese gadgets is no worse than that of the well-known manufacturers of phones and tablets, and the prices are several times lower.

Almost 100% of the goods presented on Aliexpress are made in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan. Some people have formed a negative opinion about the quality of Chinese goods, but the Aliexpress site destroys these stereotypes, for which there are currently no grounds in the overwhelming majority of cases. It is naive to believe that you can buy a decent product for ridiculous money. For a good thing there will have to pay a good price, but it will still be cheaper than buying in local stores from private sellers, which at times wind up the cost. Unfair salespeople on Aliexpress are not delayed for a long time because of strict control of their work.

They are forced to quickly curtail their activities, as this marketplace will not be able to trade in poor-quality goods or in some other way deceive customers.

In Aliexpress there is a section in which it is easy to find the goods with discounts, at special offers and discount coupons. Aliexpress closely monitors all the big holidays and arranges thematic sales of a variety of goods, which selects thematic sections. Sometimes stocks reach 95% of the minimum from the original cost, but it is better not to forget, the larger the discount, the greater the likelihood of low quality of the goods.

Consumer protection can not remain without buyers' attention. This is the policy of the site itself Aliexpress. This is what distinguishes Aliexpress from other online stores - guaranteed return of prepayment, if the item is picked up incorrectly, it has a marriage or it is in non-working condition. Also the money will be returned also in the event that the parcel with the goods is lost on the way. Sometimes it happened, the thing ordered for Aliexpress did not have time to reach the buyer within the specified time, in which case the site itself carefully follows this and returns the payment. It happens that the money was returned, and a week later the parcel was delivered. The money paid for the goods is in the possession of the shop until the buyer personally confirms the receipt of the goods and its quality. Only in the absence of claims from the buyer for the quality of the goods, the seller receives payment for the goods.

Thus, the trading floor for millions of Chinese sellers not only allows them to place their goods, but also strictly controls their quality. And since there are a lot of sellers, then the competition among them is quite high. Therefore, prices for the same product name can vary in a fairly large range.

If you carefully approach the choice of goods, then the pleasure of using the ordered things is guaranteed.

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